The Balboa Basin Yacht Club is located in Newport Beach, California.  Our organization was established for the purpose of bringing people together who share a common interest - their passion for boating!

Our Mission:

  • To create an environment, both physically and mentally, wherein we can interact as a group, sharing expertise and experience for the betterment of all.
  • A reason to gather, in small or large groups, to exchange ideals, ideas, and laughter. A fellowship of sorts intended to instill a sense of "community". A banner under which we can meet, cruise, entertain, and be identified.
  • A body with consistent rules of order and diplomacy. A collection of new ideas surrounding a nucleus of experience and tradition, melded together to form a Club of boaters, determined to enjoy life to its fullest.
  • A Club, conscious of community needs, quick to react to any philanthropic agenda within our financial scope, which we feel, in turn, would benefit the boating establishment. A Club composed of members who share a common interest in the needs of others, within or outside our roles, and who constantly strive to add meaning, purpose, and positive identity to our burgee.
  • A group of boaters, dedicated to the enhancement, growth, and continuum of the Balboa Basin Yacht Club.