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Guaranteed, you will use your boat more as a member of the Balboa Basin Yacht Club (BBYC) than you will on your own.

Unless you co-host a cruise, all cruise arrangements, reservations, rafting permits, etc. are made for you and your guests. All you have to do is show up and bring some food for all to share, like everyone else does. What could be easier?

We have a large number of scheduled cruises and parties each year, i.e., six (6) cruises and eight (8) parties! A schedule that rivals or beats some of the much larger yacht clubs in the area.

The BBYC excels in member participation, which on many cruises and events approaches 50 to 60 percent of total members' boats or more! Most of our members co-host at least one cruise or party each year.

Our members actively use their boats and are eager to pitch in and help any other member who needs assistance with anchoring, rafting-up, navigation, use of electronics, etc., etc.

The BBYC is a member of the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA), so our members enjoy reciprocal privileges with many other SCYA yacht clubs and our members with sail boats are eligible to enter SCYA sanctioned races.

By joining the BBYC, it is more likely that any of your complaints or suggestions regarding the Balboa Yacht Basin marina will be heard. Our Commodore can speak on behalf of all of our members who are slip renters in the Balboa Yacht Basin. By banding together, we feel that we have a stronger voice with marina management.

The BBYC family is relatively small in total size, so you will quickly get to know every member by name.

Most of our members love boating and have boats right here in the Balboa Yacht Basin, just like you. We are your neighbors on the dock! We do have members that come from other Southern California marinas and some from as far away as Oklahoma!

We are proud of the scope and appearance of our newsletter, DOCKTALK, and of our website.

A number of our members are avid fishermen, as well as just cruisers and party goers.

In an effort to provide our members with the benefits of belonging to a Yacht club while keeping our membership costs to a minimum we offer the first year dues at $300.00 with the following years at $250.00. The dues include club Burgee, reciprocal visits to other clubs, racing privileges and Roster.  For more information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What other yacht club gives you so much for about $1.00 per day?

You will experience an unexcelled level of camaraderie and friendship as a member of the BBYC. It really is a great club!